When you have a toothache, it’s useful to know what’s the root of your pain. After this, you can decide how best to reduce any suffering, swelling or other disorders.

If you have a mild toothache, you can try some of these home remedies using the following measures:

Use clove oil

Clove oil can be used to treat oral pain as it may relieve discomfort and may numb the pain. Clove oil has eugenol, a natural antiseptic that may disinfect oral injuries. To reduce toothache, you may put a small amount of oil to a clean cotton ball and keep it in the affected area. Try to dilute the clove oil with a few drops of water if it seems too strong. Use Dentobac Gel natural herbal toothpaste as it has Clove which may help relieve toothache and keep it healthy.

Rinse with salt water

Besides over the counter medicines and ice packs, there are also alternative ways to avoid toothache. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can clear up bacteria and foster temporary pain relief, curing a toothache with salt water may also help soothe any oral damages and relieve pain. Ensure you don’t drink any of the salt water when you’re rinsing.

Rinse with a guava leaves

Identified for its anti-inflammatory properties, guava leaves have antimicrobial qualities that may help reduce pain and disinfect oral injuries. You could either eat fresh guava leaves or boil crushed leaves in water to prepare a natural mouthwash.

Apply a cold Ice Pack

A cold ice pack helps to avoid toothache, it may reduce discomfort. You can apply a cold ice pack to the side of your jaw. Also, make sure to have a piece of cloth as a cover. This may help to relieve pain by decreasing swelling and lessening discomfort.

Use peppermint tea bags

Peppermint tea bags are typically considered natural as they may include slight numbing properties that may relieve oral pain for a short duration. Many people allow their tea bags to cool in the freezer for a few minutes before using them. All you need is a tea bag and water. Take the tea bag and wet it with some water. Apply the tea bag on the tooth. This will help reduce swelling and provide relief from the pain. Use Dentobac Gel natural herbal toothpaste as it has peppermint which may help relieve toothache and keep it healthy.

Take an anti-inflammatory

 Anti-inflammatory medications may help lessen inflammation and unpleasant pain. 

Preventing toothache

The easiest way to deal with a toothache is to prevent it beforehand. You may decrease the risk of dental health problems by brushing your teeth regularly twice a day (You can try brushing with Dentobac Gel natural herbal toothpaste it helps solve cavity problems, freshens breath, and helps solve gum problems), and flossing at least once a day. You may want to consume a balanced diet, ignoring sugary beverages, sticky or sugary foods. You may be cautious and not eat hard items such as ice that may develop a crack in your teeth. 

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